Joseph Smith Bracket Clock – Verge Re-conversion.

As received this bracket clock was feeling a little sorry for itself.  It had lost it’s original verge escapement having been converted to anchor at some point in the 19th century.  The plates had been given a swirly pattern and various poor repairs had been carried out along the way.  The strike/silent mechanism had also been removed.

To begin with the distinctive style of this most interesting maker was researched to enable us to make the replacement parts in the appropriate style.

The necessary calculations were made to enable us to design the crown wheel escapement.

The replacement parts were made and fitted to the movement to re-instate the crown wheel escapement and strike silent mechanism.  The hands were also replaced as the originals had long since been lost.

The later holes were then plugged and damage to the plates corrected.

The movement was then overhauled as appropriate to return it to the fine condition it is seen in today.


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Our two train bracket clock was looking very sad, brought about by years of neglect, coupled with a really bad conversion from its verge to anchor. After intensive research into movements made by Joseph Smith, Tommy (Christopher) was able to remake and replace the escapement, plus the missing strike/silent mechanism. This, with other work such as new hands was completed to the highest standard- it is a pleasure to see this clock working again as the maker intended. Joseph Smith himself would smile.

Stephen Thomas 5th July 2016

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