Rare and Interesting Carriage Clock by Joules, signed Mottu Paris.


Rare and interesting 19th century Carriage clock signed Mottu – Paris.

The gilt brass case is of single piece design and bears a lovely patina to the gilding.  The glasses are all original and a lovely white tint.

The dial is white enamel with large, clear and yet beautifully fine Roman numerals.  The hands are original blued steel ‘Breguet Moon’ type.   The dial bears he signature ‘Mottu Paris’ to the bottom edge.  It is framed by an elegant gilt brass dial mask engraved with flowers.

The movement is rather interesting being an early carriage clock.  It strikes the half hours and hours on a single bell and utilizes the count wheel system.  This is unusual for a carriage clock.

The platform is very interesting as it is a signature to it’s maker – Jules.  It is of a most unusual form having the balance mounted in a cage bellow a bridge type balance cock.  The balance it’self is of a form more commonly associated with Chronometers having a two arm cut bi-metallic compensating balance with two compensating adjustment weights and two rate adjustment weights.  The balance spring is of a Helical form.  The balance controls a lever escapement with a club tooth escape wheel.

Dimensions: Height 7″ x Width 4″ x Depth 3 1/4″

Additional information

Dimensions3.25 x 4 x 7 in


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