Mahogany Wall Mounted Regulator by Joyce of Whitchurch. – SOLD

Impressive and rare Mahogany wall mounted 8 – Day regulator by the famous firm, Joyce of Whitchurch.

The movement of massive construction measuring 8 1/4″ x 10″ with four double screwed pillars, high count pinions and crossings of five throughout the wheel work.   The movement is fitted with a Deadbeat escapement and Harrison ‘s maintaining power.  The weight has an integral pulley.

The 13″ dial is made of a heavy gauge brass and is beautifully engraved, wax filled and silvered.  The hands are of blued steel with a counter balance to the minute hand.

The movement sits on a typical Joyce cast iron bracket and has a separately suspended wooden pendulum rod with brass cylindrical bob.  The rod has a brass spike for adding fine timing weights.

The fine Mahogany case is arch topped with a carved apron and lovely shaped corbel.

Joyce were a famous firm of turret clock makers based in Whitchurch, Shropshire.  They supplied clocks to many of the UK’s churches as well as other public buildings.  They supplied extensively to the railway companies.  They made very few regulators, however those that are known are of very high quality.

There is a similar example to this in Worcester Guildhall.



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