Roman striking Joseph Knibb Longcase Clock Replica Build.

Reverse engineered three-month Roman striking longcase clock movement with 1 1/4 second pendulum, designed and manufactured by hand in-house to suit an original dial and hands circa 1675.

We recently carried out an extremely interesting bespoke clock making project.  The brief was to design and reverse engineer a movement and case to ‘replicate/restore’ the original manufacturer of the object based upon the only surviving aspects – the dial and hands.   The dial was a lovely example of Joseph Knibbs’ work, circa 1675.  It displayed two very interesting features.  One was the very low locations for the original winding holes, and the second was the engraving of the chapter ring being IV rather than IIII for four o’ clock.

 These two features demonstrate that the clock was originally a three-month Roman striking longcase clock of a very specific type.  Knibb only made a very few of these clocks and they are subsequently extremely rare and valuable.  Not being able to access an original example for research we had to design the replacement movement and case from photographs and sketches.

A replica movement was subsequently designed and manufactured by hand, in-house and was the result of many months of detailed and skilled work.  A slideshow of some of the work involved is shown below.

The case was also reverse engineered and was made from seasoned oak and veneered in Pear before being Ebonised.  The hinges, lock, catches and ‘spoon’ were all forged by hand by Piotr Dullek.  The finials, feet and capitals were all cast from ‘yellow’ brass and then gilded.  The frets were designed after an original period design and then cut by hand.

The case is a very specific style associated with Knibb from this period and includes the period rising hood style.

 The case was designed and manufactured by Guy Marshall and Piotr Dullek.


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